We are all about the Revamp this month. The perfect place to find some delicious ‘what nots’ begging to have new life breathed into them is at the Milnerton Market in Cape Town. The key is to wear big sunglasses so that the sellers can’t see how excited you get when you find a gem. There is a lot of bric a brac but if you look carefully, an old suitcase can be scrubbed up to make a beautiful storage unit or a collection of interesting sculptures can be collected and displayed together such as these roosters below.


Milnerton Market is about finding that individual piece that you can’t find anywhere else. The best fun is to set yourself a budget and see how you come out at the end of the morning. The key is then how you put the pieces together in your home to see how some of the best in business do it have a look at Charlotte Rust as seen onĀ The Selby.

charlotte rust as seen on the selby