Last week I stopped off at brand new coffee shop and deli, Superette, which is situated in the somewhat unlikely badlands of Salt River, Cape Town. Albert Road is a fast-paced, furiously-volumed street of sweatshops, boatyards, backyard mechanics and grimy-windowed half-empty general stores, but all this rough stuff fell away the minute I stepped across the Superette threshold.


Put together by the Whatiftheworld /Design Studio, Superette was conceived of as an oasis. As with most cities, the dingier spots of town are often sought out by artists and designers for all the cheap studio space they afford.

Liam Mooney, who runs the Whatiftheworld / DesignStudio, says that “Superette was borne out of need. There are so many artists, designers and business people in the Salt River area, that either need to go back into town for lunch everyday, or (horror) get a pie from the Caltex, that it seemed silly not to open a small eatery.”

And the fact that just down the road the NeighbourGoods Market turns the Old Biscuit Mill into a weekly mecca for the foodie set, means that Salt River is fast developing a reputation for serving up yummy food in the most unlikely of zones.


Cameron Munro proudly showed me around his sunny Superette, which is situated below Whatiftheworld Gallery: the contemporary art gallery started by Cameron and his partner, Justin Rhodes.


Furniture and fittings are a mix of vintage finds and things made by local designers and craftspeople. Tables and benches are by local designers Xandre Kriel and Adriaan Hugo – both represented by Whatiftheworld / Design Studio – and  the walls show off an enviable array of local art and design, with works Brett Murray and Doktor and Misses amongst them.



Produce is fresh, and much of it is sourced from people who sell at the weekly NeighbourGoods market, which is yet another project initiated and run by those indefatigable Whatiftheworld boys.



Visit Superette on Albert Road, Salt River, open Monday to Saturday 09hoo – 16hoo.