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Summer is here and that means plenty of outdoor lounging, soaking up the sun and reclining with a good book, a refreshing drink and too many hours to wile away. DECO takes a look at the new modular seating outdoor seating range from Sutherlands Home Furnishing.


Furniture is a commitment. Aside from how you dress it, it can be unchanging, somewhat rigid and what you buy is what you get. Which is why modular seating is a fantastic option for those seeking a more flexible solution. Sutherlands Home Furnishing (SHF) has recently launched their modular outdoor furniture range with each piece available as individual units that can be mixed and matched as you desire.

Sutherlands Home Furnishing outdoor modular seating
The Kara Modular. Image Source:
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The Kara Modular. Image Source:


The full range of modular patio furniture is available in a range of styles, each with their own colour-ways in both fabric and wood finishes, you really can customise the seating options of your dreams. If you’re wanting an ottoman or a daybed, or perhaps you’d like to break up into sections the seating sizes depending on your outdoor space, SHF’s innovative range is so easy to configure and reconfigure. The options are endless.

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The Gatwick Modular. Image Source:


If you’d prefer the choices to be made for you, the other patio ranges are created to suit every pallette, from the rustic to the contemporary. These ranges are also customisable by fabric, colour and wood, but the seating plan is fixed.

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The Zimbali. Image Source:

Whatever your outdoor needs, there’s a summer range available for you.



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