An excerpt from the Outdoor Issue Editor’s Letter 

I am constantly drawn to, and even overwhelmed by, nature’s brilliance. Pause to think about the way in which colours in a forest are in perfect synergy, about the precision of hexagonal honeycomb, the grace of ripples in the sand, the way light is reflected at sunset and the depth of shadows on mountain ranges. It is easy to be seduced by nature’s abundance of colours, patterns, textures and shapes.

Artists and designers strive to make sense of nature’s stimuli; we mimic the symmetry and reproduce the spirals, waves, crystals, cracks, spots and stripes. These patterns that exist in nature mostly have to do with survival and reproduction.

In our homes, we introduce them because they appeal to the mind, body and soul; they allow us to feel in harmony with the world around us. It is here, in the natural world of colour and pattern, that we found inspiration for this issue. We have searched the country to bring you some of the most beautiful botanical and tropical prints, palettes, wild flowers, fresh food and exotic plant ideas to turn your space into an urban oasis.