Your external living space may be one of your biggest assets when considering selling your home. Charlotte Vermaak, Principal of Chase Everitt Nelson Mandela Bay, takes us through just why your garden area is important when selling, and what buyers are looking for.

Whether it be for your own personal use or as a business investment, there are many perks to having property in the market. However, certain aspects of the home add more value and can increase your home worth. Your outdoor living space is an area which many may overlook when buying or selling their home, but should be carefully considered .

Large, established and well maintained gardens do not necessarily result in a higher selling price, they do however contribute to justifying paying a higher asking price.

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An uninterrupted sea view can enhance the value of a property. In some instances it can add 10-30% to the value of your home.

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What exactly are buyers looking for?

  • First impressions count
  • A well-maintained garden assumes a well maintained home. Therefore, a beautiful garden will influence a higher selling price
  • Upkeep comes with large gardens. This may not interest some people
  • Small gardens promoting braai areas are very popular
  • Upmarket property buyers want irrigation systems
  • A borehole is favourable
  • Swimming pools are not as popular as you think
  • Buyers prefer level lawn areas
  • The amount of space needed depends on the priorities of the buyers
  • Low-key gardens with emphasis on water features and paving tend to be a more trendy outdoor option. This alleviates constant upkeep and gives your outdoor space a well-maintained look, with a great first impression.
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