Lunar Decor! Who would have thought? Drawing inspiration from the stars and universe above us to enhance the contemplative mood, the theme is expressed through a collection of neutrals and blues for a deep, tonal palette.

Key Influences include – Space and the galaxy, deep and moody colour, lunar greys and neutrals, night sky blue.

Grey is the new white in decor. It is elegant, neutral, peaceful and forgiving. Choosing the right shade of grey can be tricky however. The ‘temperature’ of a particular shade, warm or cool,  has an important impact on the mood of a room.

How fabulous, correct?  We rounded up our favourite examples of lunar/astral decor.

Images: Lily Suh of i3Lab has collaborated with two astronomy photographers to produce bed-furnishings that make it look like you are sleeping on the moon

The surface of the Moon has a huge number of impact craters from comets and asteroids that have collided with the surface over time, giving it its distinct visual appearance.

Images: Marble Wallpaper from Ferm Living  | Calacatta Marble Furniture By Joseph Dirand | White Marble Throw Pillow from Safe House

Marble and concrete have a similar aesthetic. They are timeless, durable, intriguing materials when used in decor and furniture.

Images: DIY Concrete stool | Concrete interior by Christian kerez
Plascon colours from the 2014 Colour Forecast
Images: Anna Noguera Architects | Lunar Collection for Stellarworks by | Space – Architecture & Interior Design
Images: Lunar Flyknit Chukka Black



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