The World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 has officially launched with 450 recognised projects. This year promises to be a very exciting year for Cape Town, South Africa, global design and us as citizens of this great country. It all about geel gees! (yellow ‘fever’, ‘enthusiasm’, or ‘energy’. )

To get into the swing of things, we recommend you paint the town Yellow! Grab this opportunity to celebrate design, to transform life, to think laterally and to be incredibly proud of our unique South African design talent!

Go on then; paint a wall yellow, incorporate a new bright yellow cushion in your lounge, paint frames, light shades, chairs, the floor, the ceiling… yellow! The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at a few of these yellow room reference to try throughout your home or office.

yello5collage | Ikea yellow | Martin Creed

We love this sfumato effect of the yellow paint on the wall. Use a sponge to create the blurred edges.

Bright yellow is an attention grabbing colour and when used in combination with black, it creates one of the easiest colour combinations to see from long distances. (This is why often cabs and traffic signs are painted yellow and black.)

yellow2collage |

In colour psychology, yellow is the colour of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful. The colour of sunshine, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honour, loyalty, and joy,

Kelim Carpet – | František Kupka, The Yellow Scale
c. 1907

Cape Town was designated World Design Capital 2014 at the International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress in October 2011 in Taipei. This prestigious designation is bestowed biennially by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). World Design Capitals recognise the value of design thinking, and are dedicated to using design as tool for social, cultural and economic development. (Previous winners have been Helsinki, Seoul and Turin, and Cape Town won the 2014 bid against fierce competition from rival shortlisted cities, Bilbao and Dublin.)

Why Cape Town?

‘The City of Cape Town lies at the southwestern tip of Africa, uniquely nestled between Robben Island and the majestic Table Mountain range, two national heritage sites. Since the end of apartheid, this city, now three times the size of New York and home to around 3,6 million people, has undertaken the process of redesigning itself. As South Africa’s oldest city and having recently hosted the first World Cup on African soil, Cape Town now has first class infrastructure and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. With the highest standard of living of all South African cities, this gateway to the African continent is rich in heritage, innovation, diversity and creative talent.’ (Text sourced from ICSID)


yellowcollage | Yellow by DibEE on Flickr | Yellow 2 by PhotoFill on Flickr

Obviously you don’t want to overuse yellow, as it can be quite overwhelming and borderline nauseating!

yellow67collage | | Yellow Delhi Houndstooth Rug from

The central theme behind the city’s successful bid, “Live Design. Transform Life”, focused on the role that design can play in social transformation in the city. It sets the tone and will now form the foundation for the development of an inspiring programme of World Design Capital-themed events and projects. (Source: WDC2014)

Chunky Knit Stool – Claire-Anne O’Brien | | |


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