For her new range of gilded cutlery and ceramic tableware, Pamela Schroeder of Aboda has crafted delicately beautiful items true to the organic forms of nature. Her designs were inspired by her garden, walks in the veldt and even visits to a local florist shop.

‘No degree of craftsmanship is able to pay true homage to the variance of form, delicacy of shape and texture in nature,’ says Pamela. ‘All one can do is attempt to extract an essence, a pattern, a shape, or a line that, perhaps, has some of the qualities of nature’s original.’  We think Pamela’s designs accomplish that perfectly.

The ceramic salt pods (above) were based on a found seed form indigenous to Zambia. The small openings at the top of each pod create a natural resting place for the twig salt spoons.

Pamela was inspired by items found in her hometown of Joburg – including  Acacia twigs, Protea stems and Jacaranda leaves – which she transformed into beautiful sugar spoons, swizzle sticks and salad servers.

The ‘Nijiwa Peace’ cup is a ‘homage to Swahili and its depth of expression’ (‘nijiwa’ is the Swahili word for ‘peace’). We love it’s simple shape and clever decorative handle. See more of her designs here.