Penny Siopis, Pinky Pinky Series

This week we pay tribute to the much beloved South African’s contemporary artist Penny Siopis. Currently her work is being exhibited at the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town, which simply cannot be missed. So take a lovely walk through the Company Gardens to the Iziko where you will certainly feel inspired.

Penny Siopis at the Iziko
Penny Siopis at the Iziko

The retrospective exhibition by Penny Siopis is titled Time & Again, with creative production spanning over three and a half decades. Many of her iconic works have become part of South Africa’s cultural heritage and are studied and admired.


Penny Siopis, Quake (detail), 2010. Ink and glue on canvas


Recurring themes haunt Siopis’ work such as history, personal and collective memory and trauma. With time ever present, Siopis explores the processes of change, decay and aging.

Penny Siopis, Slings and arrows 2007, oil and glue on canvas
Penny Siopis, Slings and arrows 2007, oil and glue on canvas


Working in a variety of mediums, she creates intimate narratives through painting, sculpture, video and multi-media installations. All have the means to comment on the sociological and psychological traumas experienced by South Africans throughout our history.


Time & Again: A Retrospective Exhibition by Penny Siopis:

Place: Iziki South African National Gallery

From: 18 December 2014 to the 23 March 2015.



Compiled by Sanri Pienaar

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