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It’s time to design the future of South Africa, beginning with design itselfIn our latest Africa Issue we asked the countries’ most distinctive, original and awarded graphic designers,  Peet Pienaar, for his vision on the role of design in South Africa. 

You can read Peet’s full essay on page 34 of the new Africa issue, but in the meantime we highly suggest that you download the image below (designed by the man himself, of course) and start spreading the word

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The role of designers in South Africa and Africa needs to shift so that it serves the needs of the majority. Design is not addressing the most pressing needs in South Africa: Poverty, transport, schooling, and job creation.

Peet Pienaar | ELLE Deco SA

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Ninety-nine percent of designers work for less than 10% of the national population. Does that mean this 90% of people have no design needs? Is that not where 99% of the need for design is?

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