We recently had the pleasure of working with Cape Town based photographer and videographer, Philip Grobler. The brief required someone to film various dishes inspired by the African continent and with Philip behind the lens and Charl Cater in the editing seat, we knew we were in good hands…

Tell us a bit about yourself/your background
I’m a photographer/videographer based in Cape Town. I love music, mountains, and Wes Anderson and Coen brothers’ films. I’m originally from Pretoria and have lived and worked in London, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Mallorca. I’m a father to a 18 month old girl and husband to a beautiful Chilean women.

Describe an average day in the life of Philip Grobler
If I’m shooting, I’m normally straight to set early to beat the traffic and then back in the evening. If its a planning/admin day, I will wake up and read to little Alba, make breakfast for everyone, and then straight to a coffee shop in surfers corner to make calls, plan and write invoices and quotes.

How did you get started as a photographer/videographer?
Working and travelling around England after school opened my mind to the visual world around me and from there I went on to study photography. I worked as a photo and digital assistant for photographers like Marco Grob and Mikael Jansson.

Tell us more about the services you offer
I’m a freelance photographer, shooting fashion portraits. I also shoot food, fashion and behind the scenes videos for various clients.

Do you have a specific process/ritual that you follow when shooting/filming?
I always start with coffee.

Most challenging part of your job?
As a photographer it is organising a whole team of people when the weather is not looking good.

What is your most memorable project that you’ve worked on to date?
Working in Paris in an old apartment in the centre of the city for Spanish Bershka.

Who is a major influence in your work?
Annie Leibowitz and Patrick Demarchelier

As you see it, what qualities does a good videographer possess?
A good videographer has a good eye for composition and light, excellent technical ability and shoots with a clear idea of the final edit in mind.

What is your video style?
I love extreme close up macro videography.

How has photography/videography changed in the past few years?
The technology is always changing – cameras are getting better and less lighting is required,

Your equipment of choice?

Who or what is on your radar?
I’m going to Chile in two weeks and will be shooting some portraits and documentary footage there.

What are you reading at the moment?
E-mails, Baby Centre newsletters, and probably my friend Bibi Slipper’s new poetry anthology, when I have some time off in the distant future.

Favourite quote?

Good things come to those who hustle

What can’t you live without?
My family and friends, but lets say coffee to keep it light hearted.

Who should we follow on Instagram?
Michael Jansson and Toast Coetzer

Dream project/ event you would love to film?
I would say director of photography on a Wes Anderson set or shooting in the south of Chile at Torres del Paine.

Any advice for photographers/videographers just starting out?
Get a mentor,network and shoot, shoot, shoot.

Philip and Charl in action on set


 Videos were filmed by Philip Grobler and edited by Charl Cater.

Too see all the videos from the shoot head on over to our YouTube channel

Need a photographer or videographer? Contact Philip here.

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