Colour is not just a part of life. It is life. It is a means of communication, affects our frame of mind and encourages us to appreciate our environment. As South Africa’s foremost paint producer, Plascon has professional knowledge of our bond with colour, and methods for utilising it in a simple and stimulating manner, in any area. Plascon merges the underlying theory of groundbreaking paint with the vivid energy of colour, all founded on a thorough comprehension of the South African culture, flair and setting.

Overview of the Forecast

Plascon releases an annual summary of the newest colour trends in their Colour Forecast. This thrilling undertaking gives clients an awareness of the trends in the spotlight, while simultaneously streamlining their interpretation of these trends, in their own homes and work places.

These trends are then materialised using a unique palette compiled from Plascon’s colour system, and relayed via cautiously examined interior and stirring graphics. There is also reference made to the particular décor practices that will assist clients in refashioning the theme in their own zone.


Notable Individuals

Anne Roselt is Plascon’s Global Colour Manager and has been the mastermind behind the Forecast since its establishment. “Every year we travel around the globe in search of the latest colour trends and we’re so excited to share them with our customers,” she comments. She goes on to say, “We want to really inspire people through the Forecast and help them to bring trend inspiration to life in their own homes.”

Colour Hive (formerly Global Colour Research) is a co-operative associate, offering international trend information to the project. They are the pioneers who develop the esteemed MIX magazine, a highly reliable resource regarding colour, consulted by designers the world over. This is the second year that Colour Hive has joined forces with Plascon on the Forecast. As Roselt explains, “They bring an international perspective that is so valuable to a project like this.” She resumes, “and it’s by combining this global insight with our deep understanding of the South African taste level, lifestyle and décor preferences that we can create something that is both inspirational and useful.”



The Colour Forecast for 2017 has a structure alike to that of former issues, with trends curated around four principal topics. These each have a well-thought-out colour scheme that seizes the essence of the trend, and décor ideas for applying it. Roselt points out that this year’s topics are impacted by the allure of both the digital and natural spheres. This apparently contradictory pair is a robust metaphor for what we are as a society at present, Roselt adds, and that explains the reason for us viewing colour from several angles.

“Our inspiration this year came from the world we feel under our feet and the worlds we create in our minds,” Roselt states. She clarifies that we are observing an increasingly minimal slant to interiors. “Not that everything is going back to white,” she conveys. “It’s just that the use of colour is more pure and single-minded, something we’re seeing in the bold wall treatments and colour combinations this year,” she continues. She articulates that this year we are spotting everything from perspective geometrics to extremely delicate colour gradations, colour-blocking and a variety of other decorative concepts.

Colour Story One: Anonymous

Anonymous focuses on the liberty that you experience when you disrobe, to be left with only the bare essentials, and welcome the gentler things in life. It represents a fresh type of impartiality, without a particular sex, identity, location or even style. This approach celebrates simplicity and is a reaction to the overwhelming pressure in our lives triggered by everything in our surroundings.

The palette is a fusion of a lighter blue, green and pink, with deep purple, blue and black. Metallic-inspired hues finish off the look and bring an element of depth to the theme. These colours are relaxing and tranquil, giving us a breather in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

The realisation of this vision revolves around crafting a distinctive ambience with colour. Colour is used lightly to create minimalism, and interest is generated with decorative concepts such as two-toned walls to ground spaces.


Colour Story Two: Terrain

Terrain is an earthy theme aroused by desert landscapes and shades. The theme involves looking to natural territories, in an unrefined state, to form a hearty and user-friendly palette. The palette consists of oranges and yellows offset by warm, neutral colours and a mineral green and blue combination.

The key to implementing Terrain in a room is to parsimoniously include the yellow and orange majority of the time. Initially, pay attention to greys and neutral shades to provide an understated background, and subsequently incorporate the remaining colours, which offer a more dramatic accent.

In order for the Terrain theme to take shape, a strong emphasis is placed on employing strips of colour to make vibrant statements on focal walls. Neutral hues are conducive to rounding off the natural aesthetic.


Colour Story Three: Prism

Prism is a young and modern story provoked by digital art and features coatings of colour being utilised to bring about a perception of depth. The story has a whimsical vibe and favours playing with interiors.

This is possibly the most daring story as far as paint techniques are concerned, and it involves prism-inspired and dispersed geometric finishes on walls. Strips of colour are also included in a few areas, together with perspective designs, to allow colour to bounce off the wall.

The secret is to generously consume colour, although without forgetting to juxtapose the deeper shades with the lighter ones for an original, new age atmosphere.


Colour Story Four: Pause

The final theme, Pause, will attract those who enjoy an elegant, neutral look. Although it may be the most simple and genuine at heart, it is tremendously appealing as a result of its intricate colour scheme.

This theme celebrates ladylike blush hues, in addition to grey and blue-tinted revisions of classic beiges. These shades are teamed with a metallic gold accent that brings forth a touch of glamour. The integration of these subdued tones forges a sensation of depth and produces an aesthetic that is minimalistic, yet uplifting.

This classy theme is transpired by chalky colour treatments for added texture, and washed-out finishes and colour panels.


The Colour of the Year

Every year, Plascon selects a colour that reflects the temperament in the worldwide design scene. 2017’s colour is “In the Mood”. Seen in the Terrain story, this is a neutral tone with earthy grey and intensely elusive pink tints. Warm and grounding yet perpetually fresh and chic, this shade is the ideal backdrop for any area. Roselt elaborates, “It really captures the ‘back to basics’ feeling that the world is going through at the moment but is still rich, warm and really easy to use.”


About Plascon

As South Africa’s most prominent paint producer, Plascon is determined to offer both supreme products and beneficial inspiration to ensure that home adornment is fuss-free and enthusing. The company is constantly formulating new and inventive paint products catering especially for the South African consumer, and is recognised for the excellent quality of its numerous brands. With dependable names such as Double Velvet, Cashmere, Wall and All, Velvaglo, Micatex, and Plascon Kitchens and Bathrooms under its belt, clients are assured that they can make their inspiration come alive using long-wearing, top-performance paint products, regardless of the application.

Images courtesy of Plascon

Where to Find Plascon’s Colour Forecast 2017

The Forecast is unveiled every year at Decorex Joburg, where the themes are displayed on the Plascon stand. Copies of the Forecast are then showcased in prime décor publications around the launch in August, and in Plascon’s Spaces magazine. Once the launch has passed, clients may visit their closest Plascon stockist to pick up their own copy.

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