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The annual, Plascon National Colour Week (1 – 7 September 2014) is coming to an end. This week was an opportunity to stop and think about what the colours in our world mean and to think about how colour affects us. With colour, we can improve the quality of life and bring an atmosphere of harmony into our homes.

Plascon celebrated this week by performing, and encouraging South Africans to perform Random Acts of Colour and upload the pictures onto Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #PlasconRAC. By uploading, you stand the chance to win wonderfully colourful prizes, including Le Creuset daily give-aways and Plascon paint.  One such prize is the Le Creuset whistling kettle, which we are giving away here today.

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To win, simply comment at the bottom of this post explaining why you deserve the Le Creuset whistling kettle.

Le Creuset is an industry leader with a rich heritage in colourful cookware and they offer a vibrant array to match any colour scheme. The Le Creuset enamel on steel kettles are crafted of high-quality materials and built to last. Made with sturdy carbon steel and finished with a vibrant porcelain enamel finish, each model combines precise craftsmanship with the colorful style and beauty that only Le Creuset can offer.



  1. i like to whistle while i work, and drink tea while i work, i’d like my kettle to whistle with me, in tones of happy yellow! i’d like to whet my aesthetic appetite, wet my whistle, and whistle my kettle!

  2. Just moved into new home, it was the madam’s birthday recently and I ONLY GOT HER A CARD so this might be a beautiful present for her. It comes from one of the best household manufacturers, The French, and quality is my middle name. They don’t have them much in the market and the more rare they are the more precious and unique they are. I am unique!

  3. We have had so many kettles over the last few years, they never last.. but knowing that these gorgeous Le Creuset ones are built to last makes me absolutely need one. This will definitely look awesome in my kitchen and earn me some bragging rights. Fingers crossed.

  4. The bright colours are fun and flashy. This is a stunning prize. The whistling kettles brings back so many memories!

  5. because Le Crueset kettles are not only colourful and cheerfully whisteling, they are a quality brand, which will hopefully last longer than all my kettle replacements over the years….

  6. I have an unhealthy obsession with black and need some colour in my life!! I would love some to shake it up this spring with a new colourful Le Creuset Kettle!!

  7. I’m a tea lover. A colourful whistling kettle it is everything I need!
    I would definitely put it to good use and it wouldn’t go a day without being used!
    Would stand out perfectly in my all white kitchen! <3 need and love this <3

  8. I deserve this whistling kettlew because it comes in gorgeous red, a colour I absolutely love! Secondly I have an old outdated kettle that needs to be switched off when its boiled, there’s no auto switch on. Sometimes I forget that its boiling, at least with the whistling kettle, I will be reminded about! It would be my gorgeous ‘kitchen toy” Please pick me 🙂

  9. Fluit Fluit my storie is uit! I love colour I love tea and I adore LC! Me me me me! I’m going to bake a rainbow cake and share it with all my friends if I win this!

  10. The purple Le Creuset whistle kettle will fit perfectly in my kitchen and it is so beautiful I will put it on the table when I serve coffee. I deserve this kettle because I am a big coffee fan and will be a great brand ambassodor for Le Creuset.

  11. Nothing says style like a Le Creuset whistling kettle that I will whistle as I stare and adore at its beauty…. And, it probably makes the perfect pot of tea!

  12. I have been eyeing these kettles out for months now and dying to have one, its spot in the kitchen is waiting in anticipation. The bright happy colours will start every day off with good thoughts Le Creuset rocks

  13. These le Creuset kettles absolutely look stunning!!!! The whistling sound reminds me of my childhood days when my grandma used to make me some tea… Good memories will always be in my mind when I’m using my whistling le Creuset kettle!! The colors are amazing – will bright up any kitchen! The red kettle will look look splendid in my kitchen. Please, please pick me!! ♥

  14. My house was recently burglured and they stole everything, and we trying to get all my appliances back piece by piece, this world brighten up my kitchen a whole lot

  15. If Polly put the kettle on then when it whistles I’ll be able to take it off again. Our washing machine plays a tune when its done, maybe the kettle can keep it company and whistle a tune or two too 🙂

  16. I have been colour bombing my flat, my friends flat my work colleagues work space all week. Colourful painted plastic dinosaurs to put a smile on your face, rainbow cupcakes (paloe friendly), I purchased some plascon paint earlier the week and now I’m on a mission of making my own chalk paint with a stunning plum for my kitchen. I love LC, I love colour….what more is there to say? = )

  17. Just love the whistle kettle ,especial the green one ,imagine how green my friends would be if i owned one 🙂

  18. I am a coffeeholic and it’s been on my list of things to do for the last few weeks to replace my kettle since it doesn’t boil the water anymore, it’s more like room temperature! LOL! Coffee is not tasting good. I don’t own one piece of Le Creuset! I did have a Le Creuset casserole dish but I gave that to a friend who has more use from it since I don’t cook that often, I only drink coffee it seems! I love your colours and I’d like to be the owner of an item that is in full view for everyone to see!

  19. I would love the whistling kettle as I have never ever in my life owned one, and everytime I watch sitcoms on TV I hear their kettles whistling in the kitchen and it is such an awesome sound!!!

  20. “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” I deserve to win this kettle because I’m the conductor of the orchestra of color that Le Creuset plays…

  21. Because I deserve something special for my birthday the 29th of September, and the Le Creuset whistling kettle would be a perfect gift for me!!! Love all the gorgeous colours and my kitchen will look so good with one of these stunning whistling kettles!!! 😉

  22. I have been drooling over these kettles for ages. I seriously need the gorgeous colour pop that a cobalt blue kettle would add to my kitchen!

  23. I always wanted one of these, They on my top of my list. I dream about these kettles. Hoping lady luck is on my side. 🙂

  24. Le Creuset has the most amazing colours, very vibrant very funky and fresh. I would love this kettle to add some whistle to my kitchen.

  25. We used to have an old copper kettle that whistled in our family house in the Eastern Cape but people broke in and stole it. A whistling kettle makes me think of home and family and comfort. I would love to be able to give a bright and cheery Cherry coloured one to my parents so that when we make tea, we will have a whistling kettle singing in our home once again.

  26. Its just so pretty! Would love one of these in my kitchen, would be the perfect excuse to throw lots of tea parties just so i can show off the beautiful kettle.

  27. I would adore one of these kettles! It brings back happy childhood memories of when my gran used her whistling kettle when i was really little. It always intrigued me. I would like to create happy memories of my own now… And not to mention, it would look gorgeous in my kitchen, a gorgeous pop of colour 🙂

  28. I have had my eye on a whistling kettle forever… It will compliment my kitchen beautifully.. and I will display it with pride!

  29. I deserve the Le Creuset whistling kettle, because it’s my 50th birthday and I cannot wistle to save my life, Love the color green and wanted a awesome stunning kettle like this for ever.

  30. I would love to win a Le Creuset kettle simply because I LOVE Le Creuset and have entered so many Le Creuset competitions but have never been lucky enough to win. I love bright and vibrant colors. No dull colors for me thank you! Le Creuset is durable, desirable and the best quality! Please can I win a kettle? I’ve never owned a whistle kettle before and would treasure this prize as if my life depended on it. 🙂 My Mom used to own a whistle kettle when I was a child and I loved it.

  31. I already have a beautifull red whistling Le Creuset kettle. Love mine and my tea does taste better because of my kettle. I would like to give a Le Creuset kettle to my mother in law. She is the kindest and nicest person always helping other people. She deserves to be spoiled.

  32. I would like to think that I am deserving because I LOVE Le Creuset and wish that I could afford all their fabulous goodies on offer. My kettle just packed up a week past it’s guarantee (not surprising) and I had to find my old spare kettle that we using for camping trips as I just cannot afford to cough up for a new decent kettle right now. My family all know that a Le Creuset whistling kettle is on my Christmas wish list this year so it would be so fab to win it instead 🙂 🙂

  33. I would just love to own a Whistling Kettle from Le Creuset and bring the happy cheerfulness of it’s whistle into my home. We grew up in the 60’s with a whistling kettle on the old coal stove so this would bring back some sweet memories of all the kids huddled around the kitchen table playing card games and drinking hot chocolate.

  34. This would be such a great prize to win and it would be my very first, with hopefully many more to come, Le Creuset products that I would be so proud to own, use and display in my home. A whistling kettle just brings that element into a kitchen and home of a sense of belonging and brings happy and cheerful smiles and laughter whenever you would use it.

  35. Le Creuset products , is the best by far. i would love to win this kettle and make all my tea/ coffee times memroable.

  36. I have gone ozone friendly, everything gone gas, cooking, heaters, geysers, only got 1item I need to replace from using electricity, a kettle. Your warm colour kettles are fab and will look great on my stove.

  37. I have always loved these whistling kettles 🙂 love the bold bright colours.. there is something about them that makes me feel so happy.. to have one in my kitchen would be so amazing!! The kettle we have at the moment is broken on the top and I keep scratching my arm on it.. it needs to go and this would be the perfect addition.. this one is so much prettier anyways 😉 fingers tightly crossed xx

  38. I would just luv to have it to brighten up my kitchen and daily task in the kitchen as well as reminding me (whistling when cooking) that the kettle is cooking when I forgot that I have put the kettle on the stove, ….. doing other house chores……

    • I need a whistling kettle as my kettle does not switch off and it would be fabulous to be own of these iconic kettles. .i love the brand and amazing variety of colours

  39. I would love to win the Le Creuset Whistle Kettle because I want to add this iconic, timeless and immaculate piece to the rest of my Cherry Collection!!! Magnifique!!!!

  40. I deserve to win the Le Creuset Le Creuset Whistle Kettle because because I love colour, style and elegance. Le Creuset Whistle Kettle because provides with just what I need. When I win, I will be the envy of all my friends. Can’t wait.

  41. My husband and I use a kettle all day long – to boil water for our umpteen mugs of tea, and coffee. We need one that is durable and beautiful and will match with our striking Le Creuset mugs!

  42. I would love a stunning lime green of sunflower yellow color! My day always starts with coffee and this would just light up my life and help me start my day at a positive point every day!

  43. These le Creuset kettles absolutely look stunning!!!! The whistling sound reminds me of my childhood days when my grandma used to make me some tea.Your warm colour kettles are fab and will look great on my stove.

  44. Id love this gorgeous kettle for our newly built house, itd look so fab and glamorous on my new gas stove … adding a pop of color to my kitchen. Great prize

  45. The Happy Bright colours of Le Creuset whistling kettles with the sun shining through the window my first morning coffee could not be better

  46. I would LOVE to win a La Creuset Whistling Kettle to brighten up my kitchen with its vibrant colour! I love that it is based on the old-fashioned stove top kettle with its lovely whistle. AND it is completely functional! Make Tea Not War, with the La Creuset Whistling Kettle 🙂

  47. I deserve the Le Creuset whistling kettle because the kettle i use turned yellow its not nice when i have visitors and it trip the electricity. i need some colour in my very boring kitchen and i always wanted a Le Creuset whistling kettle.

  48. I remember when I was still a tiny tot, my grandpa used to whistle so beautifully all day long. I miss him, he is no longer here. Le Creuset has the most astonishing products and colors that brightens up our lives. I would love to wake up in the morning to boil the kettle and listen to this amazing whistling sound. Please Elle Decoration and Le Creuset I need someone or something to make me smile again.

  49. I wake up every morning to the beautiful sound of birdsong . The unfortunate part is that I only get to hear this in the morning and then I’m off to work only to get back at sunset. The whistling Le Creuset kettles in bright and bold colors will remind me to take a break with a cup of fresh tea and relax for a while. The colors will definitely lift my mood .

  50. This kettle reminds me of my mum ‘s brown whistling kettle when I was a little girl in 1989. We had no electricity and we were 4 kids living with our parents in a small 2 bedroom home yet our home would be full of life with visitors, family and friends and when the kettle whistled, I knew mama prepared a heart warming meal for us all. We had a humble home yet it was a wonderful place. I never knew that whistling kettles are still made. Now at age 30, I realized for the first time since them that I can still capture my childhood memories and recreate some with my own kids. My mama is still alive and I am imagining the look in her face when she see this kettle in a modern make by Le Creuset.

  51. Why I deserve to win a Le Creuset whilst kettle, well I would love to win this prize for my brother he is a HUGE Le Creuset fan and I would love to win this for him. Early Birthday surprise 🙂

    Fingerscrossed I hope I’m lucky 🙂

  52. With 3 kids in the house there is usually not much left for mom….. I’ve been dying to get the funky orange one and still would love to, but always growing kids witha sport need just havent had the ching!

  53. My wife always looks at all the gorgeous Le Creuset collection. Saying nothing, but I know she really would love it! Its her 40th birthday on 1 Dec and it should just be in time to make her day.

  54. Winning one of these would be absolutely amazing!
    After being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in 2004, I have been fighting this disease every day since. I am also trying to raise awareness for it & incorporating teal (the color of MG) into my every day life. How amazing would it be to able to offer a friend a good cup of tea made in a teal kettle??
    What a talking point! And this may be just what I need to get more of my friends asking questions & learning more about this disease every day…

  55. Elle Decoration spoil me with a bright yellow coloured Le Creuset kettle I need something to cheer me up Im homesick and missing the sunshine coast

  56. these are awesome! Love the look and the colours that it comes in. would like one for our home. Have always thought whistling kettles were cool!! this would be awesome to have!

  57. My mother’s dream has been to have a home for her children. 10 years later, after a messy divorce, mounds of accumulated debt and a dozen rejections, we finally got a bond approval and are a few weeks away from moving into our new home. I have never seen her as happy as she is. Now we are frantically purchasing items to turn the house into a home and I think a Le Creuset whistling kettle will be the perfect addition to our new kitchen!

  58. I always switch the kettle on and then get busy and completely forget abuout the water and end up drinking cold tea!This will give me nice hot tea everytimem

  59. A le Creuset Kettle would breathe new life into my kitchen – I enjoy regular cups of Rooibos tea and coming from a Whistling Kettle in Green would enhance the experience

  60. This kettle would brighten up my mainly white kitchen a lot, and a whistling kettle makes for a cheery home! These are beautiful products and I would treasure my Le Creuset kettle if I won <3

  61. Hi There- I would like to have the kettle as I’m buying a new house with a gas cooker and have never ever had the pleasure of having anything from Le Creuset!!! But its always on my Christmas wish list!

  62. So i am currently on a get healthy craze cause my health is a bit bad and i need to lose some weight ,so i am obsessed with green-tea i have like 4 to 8 cups a day this kettle will make the green tea taste better , brighten my day and help my new path to a healthier lifestyle and this Le Creuset whistling kettle can make it happen cause tea just taste better out of a Le Creuset whistling kettle , i would love to win this kettle it would make my year and i would totally appreciate it oh so very much, thanks for your consideration. love you guys a Le Creuset your products seriously rock and is the epitomy of modern style and luxury.

  63. I’m moving soon and I’d love to have new appliances. The Le Creuset kettles are super chic and would add a burst of colour to my kitchen.

  64. There is nothing like making tea in a whistling kettle. Tea is not just a drink, it is an occasion! And hearing the kettle whistle sets the tone for the event! Would love love love one of these- they are so cool and would be awesome in my kitchen!

  65. We love tea…can not start the day without it! I am partial to the pink Le Creuset,would match the china cups and saucers that we use, and a whistling kettle would let us know once the water has boiled, while we make so much noise nattering with friends whilst enjoying a good cup of tea….and some cake 😉

  66. Simply because I cannot whistle and due to the fact I can’t, this will be my only relief to get my partner of my back LOL!!

  67. I would love to have a whistling kettle – I, unfortunately, have to wear hearing aids but, even when I do, I cannot hear the kettle clicking off so a whistle would help me tremendously

  68. Drinking tea I beleave is an art form, it is not just as simple as dipping a teabag into hot water. The Le Creuset whistling kettle is a masterpiece of its own and will only add to the art of tea drinking, especially in the stunning colours that are available!

  69. Drinking tea I believe is an art form, it is not just as simple as dipping a teabag into hot water. The Le Creuset whistling kettle is a masterpiece of its own and will only add to the art of tea drinking, especially in the stunning colours that are available!

  70. I would like to win it for the simple reason that it brings back sweet memories of my childhood.

  71. It looks like a happy kettle and as I’m not a morning person, I am hoping it would pass the happy on to me.

  72. My home is a haven of bright colours and light. But when I need a cup of tea, I am stuck with using an old white out of place kettle. Please brighten up my life with a brightly coloured LE CREUSET WHISTLING KETTLE so that I can drink a cuppa java in style.

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