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The wonderful world of design pods and design-art exhibitions is changing. Or is it? No, actually not. Well, ok then, just a little. The Freeworld Design Centre – place of expansive design ideas by Cape Town’s cool school, place of fabulous food and film nights and design-art-food-artisan-maker-markets – is getting a new name. It’s a name we all grew up with, so that’s at least something. From now on, cool school, you go to the Plascon Design Centre for paint inspiration, ok? It’s still in the same place at 71 Waterkant Stree, but one floor up. And the pods? They’re going walkabout. You’ll see pop-ups courtesy of Plascon Design Centre in unexpected places all over the city. Expect the unexpected. Keep your eye on the doughnut, and .

The current exhibition in the Freeworld Design Centre pods.