Elle Deco SA
Photograph by Kristina Stojilkovic

In our #WinterIssue of last year, we had the privilege of featuring the youthful and unconventional portraitist, Georgina Gatrix. Her work, exhibited locally and internationally, puts forward a novel perspective on the world around her and is infused with humour. She told us what she adores about her studio and what we can do to festoon our spaces.

Georgina, who had her second solo exhibition at SMAC Gallery last September, describes her Atlantic House studio in Maitland as “messy, busy and hopeful”. Georgina’s provocative portraits, as packed with fun as they are with thick, excessive applications of oil paint, make for a kaleidoscopic working space that reflects her own artistic concept in a nutshell, “let’s make mistakes”.

Elle Deco SA
Photographs by Kristina Stojilkovic

“My studio is a playful space,” Georgina tells DECO as she carefully negotiates her way around a ladder in the creation of large, flower-type still lives that she is busy with, “though it could do with more plant life and some windows.” How can we make our own homes more decorative? “Buy some nice books, “ she says.

Elle Deco SA
Photographs by Kristina Stojilkovic

“My favourite thing about my studio is probably my neighbours – and the vegetable juices at Crazy Bananas.” Oh, and the couch. “Never underestimate the power of naps.”

Compiled by Lucie Bartlett

Mesmerised by oil paint?

Visit the SMAC Gallery in Stellenbosch or Cape Town to enjoy more artworks by Georgina Gatrix and others.

 Find the Stellenbosch Gallery on 1st Floor, De Wet Centre, Church Street, Stellenbosch, 7600

Further details can be found on smacgallery.com/artist/georgina-gratrix/

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