Italian designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Acid yellow flowers pop from the rustic base of a conventional Persian rug – turning tradition on its head in a wonderful way. This is the work of Italian designer Marcantonio Malerba whose experimental approach is spirited and modern.

Marcantonio says: ” Conceptually, the piece explores the power of interpretation of a piece of furniture characterised by signs and traditional decorations, belonging to a specific culture. The artistic intervention reflects the charm of the denial and of the exaltation of the subject. This level of decorative flowers (each item is characteristic of a certain part of the world) is superimposed just apparently to the Persian plot, as while invading it, it becomes complementary part of the work. The choice of colors, bright and contemporary, is overlapped on the colors of the Persian, masking and enhancing the representation. ‘



See more of Marcantonio’s work here:

Posted by Jenny Mason