Art director and graphic designer Tatjana Buisson is the creative mind behind Postick, an innovative way to transform virtually anything into a personalised postcard.

Whilst living in Barcelona, Tatjana got busy and enjoyed collecting photographs, flyers and illustrations with the intention of sending them to friends and family. But she found that writing on the back was often messy and clumsy.  It dawned on her that an adhesive label could easily turn anything – from fabric offcuts to vintage photographs – into a postcard, ready to be sent.

To make Postick a reality, she enlisted the services of Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects that invites people to pledge money towards turning their dream into reality if the concept is a winner.

This proved to be an invaluable way of testing the market before launching the brand. Tatjana decided to call her project Postick, as it best sums up the product’s primary function – to stick and post.

Postick makes it as easy as possible for people to share their photographs and creative inspirations, and send them out as postcards. In this age of email and instant messages, there’s something curiously wonderful about getting real, touchy-feely mail.

Tatjana explains: “It’s much more than just a card and a message. It is a thought that transforms itself into handwritten words on a piece of paper. That random little thought survives a complex (and fantastic) postal system, continents, human error and the forces of nature, and finally makes it into that exact little mailbox. It’s a miracle.”

Postick is aimed at photographers (professional or amateur) who would like to send their photographs as postcards, travellers who want to send a greeting to family, new mothers who want to share pictures of their baby with friends far away, or newlyweds who want to send a personalised wedding pic as a thank you postcard. The options are endless and allow a multitude of different consumer groups to tap into their creativity and get posting.

Postick postcard labels are made from thick adhesive paper that provides rigidity to flimsy materials such as newspaper, paper and fabric.  They are uncoated and clean white to allow the ink to dry quickly and to bond effectively.

The Postick packs are available in three different options including a 10 pack for R30, a 20 pack for R50 and a 50 pack for R110.

Postick Stockist Information:

Orms Cape Town – 021 465 3573

Exposure Gallery Cape Town – 021 447 4124