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Nobody knows the city like a taxi. To portray the largest City in South Africa, I See a Different You followed a taxi driver as he explains the pros and cons of his city, Johannesburg. Film made for Guiness. 

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Director: I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU, A trio collective from Soweto, portraying South Africa as they see it.
Cinematography: Devin Toselli
Producer: Neil Roberts
Post Production: Left Post
Editor: Nic Goodwin
Online/ Grade/: Keno
Final Mix Freqncy
Audio Engineer Tymon Smith.
Voice: Nhlanhla Mabizela
Mpintshi: Nhlanhla Mabizela (Lead Artiste)
Lenses & Grips by Panavision
Lights by Panalux
Camera by Devin Toselli
Filmed on Red Scarlett
Stylist: Ongama Zazayokwe
Crew by: KREW KUT
Gaffer: JP Du Preez
Camera Assistant: Nadia Terblanche