Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one of many beautiful packaged food products made on the estate
Melissa’s Eggs For Hiding

So this long weekend, what’ll you be doing … besides staring at those shelves in that your pretty pantry of yours, eating chocolate, hiding chocolate away from people, cooking, sleeping and eating?

A four day weekend is a great chance to look at what you’ve gathered on your kitchen shelf – which is exactly what we decided to do. Have a look at the nicest things in our pantries. Here goes with our DECO round-up of the tastiest packaged food and drink in town – some of it from places you might like to visit while not napping or watching your favourite series. We love the disarmingly simple style of the selection of deli goods at Maison Estate – Chris Weylandts’ family farm in Franschhoek. And while you’re in that neck of the woods, hop over to Babylonstoren and see what food Maranda Engelbrecht is bottling on the farm. Their olive oil (above) is a pantry shelf must-have. The egg selections at Melissa’s this year are so pretty, so sweet and nostalgic. They’ll definitely raise a smile.

Deluxe Coffeeworks above and Higher Living Tea – Poetry collection (below)

Honest chocolate

Bee Pollen & Honey


Lemon syrup from the deli offering at Maison Estate in Franschhoek

This weekend is a great time to stop and enjoy the good things. When the going gets busy, it’s easy to forget to take time to inspect the detail, and appreciate and enjoy the little things that make life feel pleasant. And when you have time on your hands, it feels good to re-arrange, re-invent and re-inspire. Contemporary trends are shifting away from extravagance and closer to the natural, the handmade, the special. What’s important is to go for quality rather than quantity, and take care of ourselves in the best possible way.

Okay then. Pass us another little slab of Honest chocolate. The one with the pirateĀ on.