Image: Michael Rettano

Inspired by our latest DECORATING Issue (on shelf now) we explore the fantastical clashing of prints and patterns. Evoking a fusion of cultures and colours, patterns and prints are not necessarily made to match. In fact, the bigger the clash, the better. From geometric to floral, tribal to traditional: play with print on print in ways that turn your room into your very own curiosity cabinet.

Images:, Interior Magasinet & I Suwannu.

Images: Blissful Blog

Images: Veronica Loves Archi & Lovenordic Design Blog.

Images: Lamaisondannag Blog, The Gift of Life & Veronica Smith

Images: Pikkuvapunen Blog

Be bold. Use contrast. Do not be scared to mix what would not traditionally match. Prints and patterns are a great way to breathe life in to any room.


Posted by Megan Aitken