Not Just a Comb

Hamzeh Alfarahneh, the Jordanian-born designer, has unveiled his latest innovative collaboration with Africa’s leading design platform, GUILD Store, entitled Not Just a Comb.

In this project, Alfarahneh overhauls a rather dull and functional object in a series of prefabricated combs. The designs make use of varied techniques and combine a number of different textures, media and colours. Every comb is handmade and one-of-a-kind; and are available in a variety of shapes including the iconic African rake, wide tooth and styling comb.Not Just a Comb  Some of the combs have been crafted with the help of the talented beaders of Monkey Biz. Monkey Biz is an economic upliftment project dedicated to reviving the traditional craft of African beadwork and empowering women to become financially independent.

“The project tells a story beyond the utility of the combs, hence the title. The combs are merely an object of decorative design,” Alfarahneh explains. “They are very accessible and add an element of fun to any space”.
Not Just a CombHamzeh Alfarahneh is based in Cape Town and runs BLAC, a forward-thinking luxury brand that produces limited-edition leather handbags. He also recently joined Granadilla Swimwear as their creative director.

Not Just a Comb is available at GUILD Store at V&A’s waterfront Silos district. Prices start from R350.