Ritual Coffee Brewer
Source: surge-design.co.za

We always love when someone local makes something we can’t live without and this week’s featured product is certainly just that. We can’t get enough of the Ritual Coffee Brewer from Surge Design.

There’s no hiding the fact that coffee culture is well and truly established in South Africa, with amazing local roasteries like Rosetta, Deluxe and Espresso Lab ensuring that the beans we get are of the highest quality. Added to that, are coffee shops and cafes who are taking the time out to ensure their baristas have the proper training to treat these beans with respect. Now, more than ever, South Africa’s coffee culture can stand up to international standards.

The average coffee drinker is not drinking such average coffee these days, and that’s even extending to coffee drinking at home. Long gone are the days of instant granules and automatic machines, now it’s all about presses, caffetterias and pour overs. And, while some of this coffee talk might seem a little poncy, if you genuinely enjoy the flavour of coffee (as well as what it does for your productivity levels) then you’ll be able to see why the utensils you use for coffee make a difference.

Surge is a young design company based in Cape Town that focuses on creating beautiful, locally-made products. Their coffee brewer works on the pour over process, which has gained popularity recently. Pour overs allow for more aeration, which allows the coffee to breathe and lets more delicate flavours shine through.

The Ritual Coffee Brewer design follows a minimalist approach and combines high quality earthy touches with a chic matte finish. If you’re looking for a striking gift for a coffee lover, or a new piece to add to your coffee routine, this is it.

The Ritual Coffee Brewer is available online via surge-design.co.za