Famed chef, cook book author and all round Middle Eastern genius, Yotam Ottolenghi, who we adore for his delicious delis in London, as well as his tried and tested recipes, has brought us another gift from the food gods. Sweet is the latest addition to his cookbooks, which he wrote with his pastry chef and dear friend, Helen Goh.

We were always going to love this book. Like everything else Ottolenghi produces, it’s exciting, shines a light on an under-represented food culture and introduces us to interesting foreign ingredients. It also happens to be beautifully designed and would hold court wonderfully on your coffee table or in your kitchen.

The recipes included in the book feature sweet treats made popular in Ottolenghi’s London-based delis. There is, however, a fresh batch of new and original recipes. Otttolenghi’s previous books were always very focused on savouries, and hearty vegetarian food, but his sweet bakes and cakes at his stores have always had people mesmerised.

Source: Ottolenghi

Now, finally you can bake all the goodies you see on his Instagram feed and in his shop windows. What a delicious thought.

Sweet is available now, at all good book stores.