project runway sa

The designers faced a challenge that had their hearts racing on Episode 7 of Project Runway SA.

The designers may have been all kinds of tired this week, but when Gert pulled up into Mary Fitzgerald Square in a sleek Lexus LC500, they were suddenly all kinds of inspired.

While they swooned around the luxury coupe, Tasneem Lorgat from Lexus SA told them about the skilled Japanese craftsmanship and how its’ perfectly sculpted bodylines were designed to echo the shape of a traditional Japanese sword.

Taking their inspiration from the art and the immaculate craftsmanship of the Lexus LC500, their challenge was to create a red carpet garment for the opening of an exclusive theatre production.

Kentse, who has so often wowed the judges with her trademark origami designs was worried that an origami creation from her would be too obvious in this particular challenge. But if she wasn’t going origami, what would she do?

Both she and Jaimie were mesmerised by the shiny grill of the car, and in the fabric store Jaimie already felt the right fabric calling to him. Sihle, however, didn’t have a concrete idea yet and Sandile was running around, constantly chopping and changing.

Gift wanted to stay true to himself because when he pushed himself to do something different last week, he didn’t like what he saw on the runway, saying he could either design something to show the judges what he could do, or create something to show the world what he could do.

project runway sa

In the workroom, Stephen was aiming for simplicity and elegance in a low plunging V neck jumpsuit with a sporty detail. Sihle only knew he wanted a mermaid silhouette.

Kentse didn’t think her designs made sense anymore, Sandile’s pattern fried his own brains, Jaimie suddenly decided his creation needed more drama, and Kireshen switched his game plan when Gert told him his cube mesh skirt looked like a curtain.

Threads almost zinged off their reels as the designers sewed deep into the night, and more drama flared when Sihle called this the ‘Kentse Show’. On runway day, Jaimie really started running out of time, Sandile said his design was ruining his life, and Kentse looked like she was almost wrestling with her fabric.

project runway sa

But things are bound to get tougher and tougher each week on Project Runway SA, because as Lerato reminded them on the runway, they were getting closer and closer to the end.

A little to his disappointment, Kireshen was safe again. And as for Kentse’s design, Rahim felt she should really have pushed her flair for origami this week. Jaimie however, was the star of the show. Noni loved the understated elegance of his red carpet expression of the Lexus LC500 and called him the “ultimate comeback king”. Project Runway SA fans… Jaimie has won his first challenge.

Gift and Sihle were in the bottom two this week, and even though guest judge Khaya Sibiya from the uber-trendy Punk and Ivy brand thought Sihle’s dress was a disaster, it was Gift who found himself packing his bags this time with a design that looked unfinished and disconnected.

Tsamaya hantle Gift, go well.

But what next? Now that the underdogs have taken over, the game has changed yet again … and the upcoming Edgars challenge is proving harder than they thought.

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