Did the designers really have to create garments out of hair? That’s exactly what they were worried about when Lerato greeted them wearing a pink wig.

Here’s what you missed on Episode 6 of Project Runway SA.

Gert told them that they were right … the challenge did have something to do with hair, just not in the way that they thought.

TRESemmé Assistant Brand Manager introduced the designers to the TRESemmé range: Botanique, Keratin Smooth, Beauty-Full Volume and Platinum Strength, and the models stepped out wearing hair especially styled for each product.

The designers’ challenge was to create a high fashion avant-garde outfit inspired by one of the TRESemmé products and model’s hairstyles.

Gift decided to push himself out of his comfort zone because he knew the judges wanted something different from him, so instead of going for Botanique, he chose Platinum Strength. He wanted to be anything but predictable.

In one of the most frenzied fabric runs we’ve ever seen on Project Runway SA, Gift automatically started running for his natural fibres, but when he remembered that he was challenging himself to do something different, did an about turn, and found himself lost and overwhelmed.

Gugu hit a designer’s block and had a panic attack, and Jaimie just grabbed everything he could, saying he would “simmer out” his choices at the cutting table.

In a sweet moment, Gift, who was under budget for once, decided to treat his fellow contestants with a peanut bar – much to the delight of Gugu who really needed the pickup after such a stressful day.

But that cute pickup didn’t last long.

Gift was drowning under the weight of too many ideas, Gert warned Gugu that if she kept hiding things from him her garments would never come together on runway day, and Sandile coached Kentse to stick to her gut when he saw how much confidence she was losing as she pushed herself to do something different.

Sihle, still smarting from Rahim’s comment last week about his dress looking like a strawberry, was worried that this week’s look might elicit a “disco-ball” comment, but decided that he wouldn’t be happy with himself if he didn’t bring some drama to the runway.

It turned out that Rahim thought he nailed it this time, saying that the dress was “over the top yet restrained”. Although, there was an amusing outburst from Lerato and the resident judges when guest judge Laduma Ngxokolo, the man behind the internationally adored knitwear brand MaXhosa, said Sihle could have taken his garment further with an LED light installation.

Both Gift and Kentse had pushed themselves out of their own boxes this week, but Gift didn’t like his look at all, saying that it wasn’t him. While Noni applauded his versatility, Rahim said it looked like the model had run through a forest and got trapped in the vines.

Kentse’s risk, however, paid off and won the challenge with a dramatic TRESemmé Boutanique inspired dress that prompted Laduma to say that she had high potential as a designer.
Yet again, Kireshen and Stephen were safe, and although Gift found himself in the bottom two again, it was Gugu who was voted out after disappointing the judges once too often.

Next week, the designers are thrilled by a Lexus inspired challenge … but now they’re all kinds of tired. Somebody’s design reminds Gert of a curtain, someone’s look is “as cheap as chips”, and everybody’s on edge.

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