Aaron Kearney was born in Northern Ireland and has been involved with art and design from a very young age. Influenced greatly by a grandfather who had intuitive workshop skills and ideas, he became drawn towards woodwork and the world of design. We caught up with him in five questions about his ‘cutting edge’ ceramics range. 


How does living in Ireland influence your design?
I’ve lived in Cape Town since Dec 2008. I’d like to think that I design objects based on a collective experience. I’ve been very fortunate to grow up in Ireland, study and live in London for 6 years, and now Cape Town for 6 years. You see lot of different things, people, interactions, cultures and you can then observe and take form it what you think is most important.



Tell us a bit about your ceramics?
It all started around 2005, living with 3 flatmates in South London. There wasn’t a lot of eating at the table and the main meals were curries and pasta’s. I noticed that we only ate with forks and towards the end of the meal would chase our food around the plate. We needed plates with an integrated straight edge!


First impressions of South Africa and our design talent?
See answer 1! South African design talent is everywhere. I wouldn’t have been as motivated if it hadn’t been for the entrepreneurial spirit of most people in SA. There are a lot of people, designers and non, who are doing there own thing and running their own business.

Who is your greatest inspiration?
In design terms the aesthetics of Ross Lovegrove, but main inspiration would be my 4 year old son.


What’s next for you and your ceramics?
Well we opened a store at the new Watershed building at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town. So we’d like more people to see and understand the versatility of the range there. We’re also developing some new additions to the range. Espresso cup and saucer, salad bowls and platters!

Website: aaronkearneydesign.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aaronkearneydesign
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