Quartz Carpet is a unique seamless stone flooring system. The glacial stone used in this beautiful flooring system is exceedingly durable. The roundness of the quartz stones created by being tumbled down glacial rivers over millions of years gives this product a smooth sensation underfoot. This is what their happy customers have to say…

1. ‘I love the way that the light in the evening makes the stones sparkle.’

The stones are naturally tumbled and rounded. They have no sharp edges, chips or fissures as a result of this natural process.

2. ‘Because the floor does not scratch like wood does it is so much easier to drag my furniture around myself.’

Quartz measures 8 on the measure of hardness scale (MOH), where a diamond measures 10, and because Quartz Carpet floors are so strong and smooth they do not scratch easily or mark under heavy furniture.


3. ‘What I love about having a seamless stone floor to walk on is that I do not need to wear slippers, even in winter, because the floor feels cool in summer, and warm in winter.’

Quartz Carpet is warmer than tiles and has the same ambient temperature as the air.  This is due to the small pockets of air trapped between the stones of the flooring system.

4. ‘It was good to find a natural product that could create neat lines that went all the way to the edges, and could accommodate our curvy lines.’

Quartz carpet is mixed on site with specially developed resins and troweled by hand to a 6mm thickness creating a seamless surface.

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5.  ‘The floor is wonderfully seamless and has a tactile texture like no other.’

Quartz Carpet is an ideal flooring system for pool surrounds and outdoor areas as it is slip-resistant, durable and UV stable. Quartz Carpe carry a warranty not to yellow over time.

6.  ‘Our architect recommended using Quartz Carpet! We wanted the job done properly the 1st Time – with professionals and guarantees. We were thrilled when we discovered that the floor could be used inside as well as outside.’

7. ‘We felt from previous experience of working with the product that there was really no other option. It is a beautiful looking product. It feels beautiful under-foot. It is easy to keep clean and is definitely the superior choice.’

8. ‘Quartz Carpet is such an organic looking product that you can throw it next to anything and they will compliment each other. We used it next to Marble. It is very versatile.

9. ‘It is slip-resistant and smooth underfoot, and can create an uninterrupted flow from the bathroom floor into the shower.’

10.  ‘Quartz Carpet stone flooring system can be installed vertically and on staircases.’

To prevent wear on the edge of the step, an aluminium trim is installed.

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All images courtesy of Quartz Carpet

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