Living Sustainably Morukuru
Morukuru Beach Lodge in the Western Cape is the epitome of a luxurious off-the-grid retreat. Photograph Greg Cox.

Here are a few pointers to living sustainably from the owners of newly built Morukuru Beach Lodge, located in the picturesque De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Situated on an idyllic stretch of coastline near the southernmost tip of Africa, Morukuru Beach Lodge is the latest 100 per cent off-the-grid addition to the Zeeman’s portfolio. We’ve put together some easily achievable advice on eco-living based on the Morukuru commitment to sustainable living.

Living Sustainably Morukuru
A tactile aesthetic with an inherently South African feel runs throughout the interiors. Production and styling Jeanne Botes. Photographs Greg Cox.

A quick guide to living sustainably:

Conserve energy in your home
‘We all need to be mindful of the earth’s limitations. Coming from Holland, we’ve been exposed to plenty of information about power conservation and alternative energy sources like solar and wind. Many people still aren’t very good at being thoughtful about simple energy-conserving measures such as switching off lights and preserving heating or cooling by using insulation or shutting doors and windows.’

Invest in an electric car
‘We use electric vehicles to move our staff between the staff village and the two guest lodges, as we know they’re much more environmentally friendly than fuel-driven cars.’

Go biodegradable
‘Our organic amenity range is bought from a South African company called  Rain, which is based in nearby Swellendam, and all of our washing and cleaning requirements are serviced by 100 per cent biodegradable soaps.’

Ditch the plastic
‘As a business, we’re concerned about single-use plastic water bottles and are developing re-usable Morukuru Family bottles, which will cut down on this waste. Our rubbish is also sorted along recycling principles, into different categories and collected in special containers.’

Above all else, be conscious
‘The human race has to embrace environmentally conscious building and living, as our planet’s resources are limited. It’s  basically a question of survival!’

Living Sustainably Morukuru
The idyllic setting of Morukuru Beach Lodge in De Hoop Nature Reserve. Photograph Greg Cox.

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