The Raw Edges studio is led by designers Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer who graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2007. They design furniture, installations and products, with patternmaking and experiments in colour prevalent interests they continue to explore through their design.


Their ‘Herringbone’ exhibition, part of their ongoing experimentation with dye, ‘highlights the various textures and patterns that surface when it’s applied to wood’, and took place at Salone del Mobile in Milan last year.

What is new or trending in floor and wall surfaces? We don’t look at trends, or anything fashionable, really. Our aim is to come up with new and original ideas, so we are the last ones to ask about trends.

Any exciting projects you are working on? Since last April we’ve been developing our ‘Herringbones’ project presented at Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan. It’s part of our ongoing experimentation with dye, highlighting the various textures and patterns that surface when it’s applied to wood.

Is there a company that inspires you in terms of floor and wall surfaces? We really look up to Made in Mano from Sicily and we also like the crazy designs by Popham Design.

If you were compiling a little black book, what will you not leave out? The company Kvadrat. They keep developing new textile designs in beautiful colours and textures. Again, they are market leaders who don’t follow the latest trends.

Materials and colour palettes you are working with now? we are busy with a new design for a ceramic tile, but unfortunately we cant talk about it just yet. We can promise though that it will be unique, definitely not trendy.


Images courtesy of Raw Edges


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