Elle Decoration SA
House De Goede photographed by Lauren Galloway

We love finding out what’s trending in sunny Durban, and today we introduce Redesign Interiors, an upmarket interior design firm.

Every corner of a house will be transformed if you let Redesign Interiors into your house. With their diverse creative skills spaces are designed and styled considering aesthetics, current trends and functionality. Making the space you occupy become part of your journey. Passionate for the future of South Africa, their design is often driven by Eco-friendly and African-inspired interiors, making them a respected addition to the design community.

Elle Decoration SA
House De Goede, photographed by Lauren Galloway.

Last year Redesign Interiors brought home one of the prestigious African Property Awards, for their work on House De Goede – a green revamp and refurbishment with a Karoo-like environment. We are expecting more proudly South African moments and awesome design from this passionate team. What is heating up your day in Durban? Please tweet us who you think we should hear about at @Elle_Deco

Elle Decoration SA
Reuse – Relove – Reinvent


Compiled by Megan Schumann

Visit Redesign Interiors for more inspiration and information www.redesign-interiors.co.za