new year

New year, new you, right? Well, even if this isn’t quite your 2018 motto, it can still relate to your home. As with all new times in our lives, it’s good to welcome in the change with open arms and a fresh outlook. Even if you’re not looking to completely overhaul your home, you can still give it a little facelift for the new year. Here’s how to refresh your home for the new year.

Declutter and Clean

With all the parties, lunches and dinners over the festive period, it’s only natural that your cleaning routine has fallen to the wayside. Spend a day tidying up and clearing out all the boxes, old wrapping, empty bottles (hey! No shame here) and mess that were stuffed away in cupboards in time for the next soiree. It’s always good to start the new year with as little clutter and mess as possible.

Remove All Signs of Christmas

We hate to sound like The Grinch, but if your tree is still up, now is the time to take it down. We know it’s sad, but taking down the tree will enable you to look forward to the new year without wistful ‘I wish it were still Christmas’ feelings. A top tip: even though taking down the tree is an emotional task, don’t simply hurl your decorations into a box. Wrap them neatly and securely, and wind up tinsel and lights carefully, so that next Christmas it’s that much easier to get everything out of the box.


With this time of gift-giving, it’s likely that you have a few more possessions than you did a month ago. Treat these gifts and the gift-bearer with respect and find a good place for them in your home. If the gift is something you would rather not display, store it somewhere securely out of sight. Either way, there’s nothing good about starting the new year with gifts knocking you out every time you open a cupboard.

Create A Space That Allows You To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

New year’s resolutions are questionable at the best of times, but if you have some intentions you would like to achieve this year, let your home help you get there by making literal room for these resolutions. Want to write a novel? Make sure your workspace is conducive to maximum productivity. Plan to do 10 sun salutations every morning? Make sure your mat has a designated spot away from kids and dogs. Simply planning to drink more water? Invest in a water jug for next to your bed so that it reminds you first thing.

Freshen Up Your Post-Christmas Decor

While the house can look sad without the twinkling lights and glittering baubles, replicate the festivity with the new year-appropriate home decor. Keep fresh flowers in every living space, light candles in the evening and maybe even pick up a new throw in a fun colour to wake up a space.
new year

Carry On The Holiday Vibe

Whatever you do this new year, be kind to yourself. Even if you’re back at work, make sure you carry some small part of the festive spirit with you. That can be something as simple as making sure you leave work on time (for at least the first week) so that you can enjoy a sundowner with your loved ones, or even dining outside or hitting the beach to embrace the warm weather. Just because the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean your life has to be too.