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Now is the time to be looking at gardens. Even if you don’t own Brenthurst or Cavers, it’s a good time to be

In Remarkable Gardens, the beauty of South African gardens is revealed by Craig Fraser and Nini Bairnsfather Cloete. Featuring sumptuous photographs and engaging text, this book combines history and horticulture to take its reader on a fascinating journey through 20 of the most magical private gardens in the country.

This book is about much more than just a collection of pictures. Published by Quivertree, with photos by Craig Fraser and a story beautifully told by Nini. It represents the journey of writer Nini …. , who took the project on as an adventure, jumped into her car and went on a quest to find the most incredible gardens in South Africa. Gardens of every size and description. The diversity is what is so breathtaking. From rock gardens and cactus gardens to containter gardens and the established traditional gardens of places like Stellenberg and Brenthurst.

• A multifaceted kaleidescope of gardens is featured, from those that are carefully and formally landscaped to those left to their own free-spirited and natural devices;

• The gardens are located in a diverse group of regions and climates. These range from the majesty of the Cape Floral Kingdom to the Little Karoo, the Drakensberg mountains and KwaZulu-Natal;

• Conversations with the gardens’ owners illuminate their histories, with the trials, tribulations and triumphs of their personal journeys shedding light on the creation of each garden;

• Landscape elements featured in the book include water gardens, sculpture gardens, parterres, herb and vegetable gardens and farm gardens.

While most of these gardens usually remain hidden from view, in Remarkable Gardens of South Africa their stunning scenery, rich history and intriguing diversity are explored with romantic, inspiring results.

isbn: 0-9869813-6-2 for further information contact: craig Fraser @ Quivertree publications 15 clare street gardens cape town, south aFrica Tel: +27 21 4616808 • Mobile: +27 83 6271656 •

specifications: format 290 x 280 • extent: 220 pages • IllustratIons: prIce: r475 (hard cover) • Publication Date: SePtember 2012

Stellenberg  2 open days (3rd & 4th Nov)

Maasstrom  last weekend of October

Cavers 26,27,28 October
Schoongezicht garden open to the public during the week from 09h30 – 16h30 and on Saturday until 14h00. Visitors are welcome to wonder up to our  tasting centre to enjoy our wines.
Fresh Woods Nov 3,4,10,11
Benvie 22 September to 7 October
Babylonstoren is always open.
Brenthurst Johannesburg opens in October for garden tours…possible open day…would have to investigate.