The idea behind the Most Remarkable Repair Contest is to highlight all the needless throwing away that we do every day. The judges were not looking for a  recycling project – they wanted to see a brilliant and beautiful fix of something broken.

repair flowers

The contest, run by Dremel Tools and Platform 21, found a winner in young artist Siba Sahabi, who took a plastic bag that had become entangled in her bicycle spokes, and embroidered the story of the plastic bag’s demise onto its ripped surface.


I also liked solution the runner-up, Calypso Schuijt, found to her favourite sweater, which shrunk in the wash. Just a few well-placed nicks, and suddenly it fits again!


See more of the entries at the Remarkable Repairs Flickr group, and give some thought to Platform 21’s Repair Manifesto too, which includes jewels like:

Make your products live longer!
Repairing means taking the opportunity to give your product a second life. Don’t ditch it, stitch it! Don’t end it, mend it! Repairing is not anti-consumption. It is anti- needlessly throwing things away.


Repair is not replacement.
Replacement is throwing away the broken bit. This is NOT the kind of repair that we’re talking about.

What doesn’t kill it makes it stronger.
Every time we repair something, we add to its potential, its history, its soul and its inherent beauty.