I’m so pleased to find that the exuberant designs of Alexander Girard have found new life with House Industries, a typeface foundry and general purveyor of very cool stuff.


As many readers will know, Alexander Girard was an American designer who was raised in Florence, Italy, and is best known for injecting bright, playful designs into Herman Miller textiles. As a designer, Girard didn’t ‘do’ plain: see his inspired rebranding of the now defunct Braniff International Airways as evidence.

Lucky for us, House Industries has researched Girard’s oeuvre and come up with a few quirky products, like this Nativity Scene.




They’ve also released a line of fabric dolls ,which illustrate the folk-art aesthetic that drew Girard in (he and his wife had an impressive collection of folk art).


Girard first came across the doll designs, made by a woman called Marilyn Neuhart, when his friend and fellow textile designer Ray Eames sent him one for Christmas.


House Industries has a lavish, limited edition book for sale, documenting the research it has done in the process of bringing Girard’s many typefaces to the world.



Some of the typefaces can even be bought and used as interior or exterior signage.


House Industries has also drawn on illustrations Girard drew to create a Memory Game for kids. Here’s an idea I think he would have loved: why not turn the thick wooden cards into coasters?


Then I’d raise a glass and toast Mr. Girard for bringing the world his gorgeous designs!