I found last weekend’s Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York to be a strange mixture of big brand names and independent artisans. After strolling past gigantic displays of outdoor kitchens and trickling water features, I found BDDW‘s booth which stood out like a beacon of understated style. I found their impeccable craftsmanship to be the perfect foil to their ironic invocation of New England tradition.



BDDW is based in Soho but builds each piece by hand in its Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio. Most of its furniture is made out of American woods such as walnut, oak, maple and ash.


The details are all-important: the tapered legs of the bronze wishbone table base, surprising inlaid elements and the careful consideration of the wood’s grain and flaws.



They do plush rugs too. On display at the Architectural Digest show was a wall-mounted rug of a Shaker design in cream and blue, which had me salivating but is unfortunately not on its website. These are the Harroll and Petal designs, below:



It seems from their website that these BDDW boys know how to have fun too.


Back to work, boys!


To see some of the other exhibitors at the show, visit my blog The Brooklynist, where I’ve written about the individual designers based in Brooklyn.