The title of this post refers to one prodigious doodler (Jon Burgerman) and two innovative furniture designers (Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook of Deadgood), all of them British. I first saw Deadgood’s debut range at the ICFF this year and introduced Elle Deco readers to it here. Now they are getting ready to unveil their collaboration with Burgerman at 100% Design in September.


Burgerman’s distinctive scrawls cover the surfaces of Deadgood’s Form side chairs and bar stools.


Burgerman – his real name, he points out – is an illustrator with a sense of humour, who has doodled on probably every surface imaginable:






He describes his drawings as “wonky, wibbly, odd, angry, happy, dumb, wrong.” His dream job? “I think I’d like to work with a baker and design a series of character cakes and buns. People could buy them, look at them, get bored of them and then eat them. No waste and full bellies before bedtime, it’d be perfect!”

I love how he captures the many faces of Michael Jackson in this very timely drawing:


New Yorkers can see more of Jon’s work at his exhibit at Giant Robot in August and snag a signed copy of his book, Pens Are My Friends, there on July 12.

In the meantime, stay tuned to what Deadgood are doing – seems there are some other tricks up their sleeves.