MoMA’s store has unveiled a new collection of products by emerging designers from South Korea called Destination: Seoul. There is something here for everyone, from mini speakers made of wood to cloud-shaped notebooks, but they all share a fresh, playful approach.


This graphic bag by Dong Hwan Kim is made of recycled street banners.


The Perching Bird Vase is a product of Korean and Hungarian design team Mika H. J. Kim and Henrietta Sarosi. The vessel was designed to resemble a bird perched on a bamboo stick.


Ceramic artist Daniel Jo modelled his Bird and Cloud Salt and Pepper Shakers on his graduate exhibition of sculptures at the Kookmin University.


Sang Jong Yoon’s Forest Cup Set in delicate white porcelain features different branch designs engraved in relief.


The Re-Masterpiece Bag by Zinoo Park inserts an antique illustration of a nobleman in a domestic, pop-art interior.

To see more items in this quirky range, such as business card holders shaped like tiny Korean meals, visit the MoMA store website.