Our New York correspondent Kelly Berman of The Brooklynist is back with us today, freshly returned to NYC after her recent trip to Cape Town. Nice to see you in Cape Town, and nice to have you back online with another great New York find, Kelly!

Galia Gluckman is an artist who makes large-scale collages out of tiny bits of coloured paper. Drawn to intense hues, she trawls through old magazines and scraps of wrapping paper in search of ‘families’ of colour to use in her pieces. Her painstaking work recently paid off when she won the Global Green Artist Challenge for Best Overall Green Piece at the International Art Expo in New York City at the beginning of March.

Galia cuts the paper into small, mosaic-like pieces and layers them on top of each other, creating intricate surfaces of pattern and colour that come together to create large landscapes, her favourite subject matter. She then applies a sealant to the surface.

“I take great pride in turning paper that may otherwise go to landfills into works of art,” she says. “Ninety-five percent of all unsold newsstand magazines are recycled by newsstands and publishers, only about 17 percent of sold magazines are recycled.”

A fashion designer who has worked in South Africa, London and New York, Galia’s art has been influenced by the vibrant world of fashion and by her family history in the textile industry.
Galia’s latest venture involves turning her collages into high-quality prints, which have been attracting the interest of interior designers and hotels in the NYC area. You can see more of her work on her website.