Anyone who has ridden the NYC subway has probably noticed the eye-catching posters advertising the School of Visual Arts.

I went searching for one online recently after I fell in love with a poster designed by Gail Anderson that had the words “If someone says you shouldn’t, ask them who should” in bold, free-hand lettering. I couldn’t find it anywhere but I did discover that you can buy previous subway posters directly from the SVA.

Here are a few by graphic design guru Milton Glaser:

Thomas Woodruff’s posters sprinkled a bit of fairy dust on the grimy subway platforms. I think they would make beautiful pictures in a child’s bedroom:

Different designers have interpreted the “Art is…” theme in interesting ways:

Frank Young

I’m hoping that the Gail Anderson poster joins these others on the SVA website soon. Did any other New Yorkers have fantasies about stealing that poster?