Tall, thin pics in today’s post – suitably enough, as I’ve got a tall, thin building to tell you about! The Modulightor Building in East Midtown, Manhattan, is on the list of buildings I’ve probably rushed past, without realizing I was passing by a design icon.


It was designed by modernist architect Paul Rudolph in 1989, and houses the showroom of custom light fitting store Modulightor. Much of the house has been left as he designed it, and is open to the public the first Friday of every other month.


The airy, double-volume interior spaces and light colour palette show off the collection of tribal art so elegantly.



Rudolph has managed to make a narrow town house feel incredibly light and open, which is perhaps not surprising as he studied under Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius.

Rudolph was a pioneering architect in Sarasota, Florida, where he designed the modernist vacation homes that made him a major figure of the ‘Sarasota School of Architecture.’ These coveted houses are sometimes listed on the Paul Rudolph Foundation website when they are for sale. Check out this beautiful example on my blog, The Brooklynist, as well as the many photos of his various designs on Flickr.