I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately by the interesting things that Urban Outfitters sells in its homeware section. America’s hippest chain store is introducing some emerging young designers and artists to a huge market across North America (I counted 123 locations in the US alone), which seems to me a win-win situation for everyone.

Like these cushions made from prints by Valerie Lueth:



Lueth is a printmaker and artist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she owns and operates Tugboat Printshop with her husband and fellow artist, Paul Roden.

You can find examples of her original drawings and prints on the Tugboat website. These are in the same series from which the Urban Outfitters cushions were made:






I find them beguilingly beautiful.

For other Urban Outfitters stuff, check out their custom bike shop, some fab patchwork throws, this cushion by Melissa Moss, their latest collaboration with Blu Dot and tons of crafty DIY supplies.