It often strikes me that good design, great materials and top engineering only meet when performance in difficult conditions is in question. So climbing, sailing, camping or cycling acoutrements are usually pretty finely engineered, made for lightweight, easy handling. Generally speaking however, engineering and performance isn’t a top priority in furniture design, where fashion and concept are usually the attention-grabbers.

However, furniture can be very demanding when it comes to performance and endurance, particularly when fitting in with the demands of a very small space. I’ve heard a couple of tricks and tips to help with dealing with small spaces, but seldom have I seen attractive design, excellent engineering and hardware work so well together, as I did with the high-performance small space furniture from Resource Furniture.



Designed and built in Italy, the units sold by ResourceFurniture are the result of close collaboration between a furniture designer, a mechanical engineer, and a hardware company, all of whom worked together to make good-looking, discreet and highly adaptable furniture capable of carrying a lifetime warrantee. If you’re design geeky enough to like the sound of all this, click through to the video , where you’ll see exactly why this is furniture that goes beyond the clever space saver, nudging into the territory of James Bond’s ingenious gadgetry.

Bravo to ResourceFurniture, who know exactly why Small can be Beautiful.

Via BoingBoing