Image: Jack Mason

A weekend or two ago, we took a trip down the rabbit hole, at the Flamjangled Tea Party in Durbanville near Cape Town. A realm of hilarious absurdity in which loved up dragons and giant vultures reign. In the world of the Flamjangled, there are plenty of ridiculous shenanigans to write home about. And being back in everyday life makes that musical mayhem seem but far away already.

At Flamjangled, the air of frivolity is infectious. Team Deco heel toed its way to the decision that line dancing is far more fun and much harder than we’d imagined. Anyone who’s ever read ‘The Night Circus’ would understand the magic of the main stage. A great red and white tent surrounded by caterpillars and cocoons, not to mention the many species to be found within. The caterpillar wiggled. As did our bodies, to Gazelle, Machineri, Trenton & Free Radical and the likes. Then for a little late night TV at the night-time stage hidden behind the depths of the dam. Electro-swing was king as Bambeano, DJ Invizable and James Copeland kept us dancing till way past our bed times.

Then it was back to the tea garden the next day for some Sunday fun. With the sun beaming down, the Flamjangled crowd swam and played the day away. The highlight being the ten and eleven year olds singing  ‘We don’t need no education’. Rock stars to be.

The Vulture. Costume award winner. Image: Jack Mason


Image: Jack Mason
Image: Jonx Pillemer. Dragons - another costume award winner by former Elle Deco team member Jo Skelton & partner
DJ Invizable - Image: Jack Mason
Image: Jonx Pillemer
Image: Jack Mason

All in all, Flamjangled offered up an exhilarating weekend where one is reminded of the joy of play. If you didn’t make it this year, diarise Flamjangled Tea Party for March 2014. And keep in mind the importance of having fun … while you wait.

– Posted by Kat Scriven