For fragrances that entice and allure, House of Gozdawa‘s sophistication and class is out of this world. Mastering the art of complementing your natural style, whilst offering something fresh, DECO went along to the Cape Town launch to sniff out these luxe scents.

House of Gozdawa have just introduced their first luxurious collection of scents entitled CONFESSIONS Vol.01 consisting of six founding fragrances created by perfumer Agata Karolina. Established in 2015, this small batch perfumery dedicated itself to create Eau de Extrait scents; a style of perfume with the the largest percentage of fragrance to carrier.

Created with 100% natural oils, the scents are both complex and soothing. Scent is one of the most distinctive qualities of an individual and the way natural essences reacts with skin is no different. Mixing with an individuals pH levels and body heat the scents becomes truly unique. We were enthralled to discover such details when we went along to their launch this week at SMITH Studio.

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House Of Gozdawa Perfume founding collection launch at SMITH studio


The CONFESSIONS Vol.01 boasts with six unique Eau de Extrait scents

Andrea, Simo, Albert, Marta, Hel and Aga

Each fragrance was created with a persona in mind. People in Agata’s life that embodies some part of her own personality.

The collection is a personal confession, a most honest expression of herself.

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HEL Extrait De Parfum (50ml) R2000 \ AGA Extrait De Parfum (50ml) R2000 \ ALBERT Extrait De Parfum (50ml) R2000

HEL \ The Celebration

‘Hel exists firmly in beauty, eclecticism and endless charm. This scent’s energy is palpably electrifying and immediately volts through the wearer to their very core.’

Key notes: light-hearted grapefruit, seductive tuberose, cajeput

AGA \ The Romantic

‘Aga is the dreamer who exists in the purest experiences of the heart. It is a scent that captures those whimsical moments reminiscent of hot summer nights, sojourns through undiscovered places and cosy winter mornings curled under the sheets. Aga is unforgettable; her blissful embrace leaves one feeling in-sync with the collective heartbeat of all of humanity.’

Key notes: Jasmine, Rosemary, Fynbos, wooded tones, dark fruits

ALBERT \ The Philosopher

‘Albert is a scent that evokes both a melancholic yearning for days gone by as well as a deep motivation for progress and enlightenment.’

Key Notes: freshly collected pine needles, lush fruits, smokey woods

Elle Decoration SA
House Of Gozdawa Perfume founding collection launch at SMITH studio


50ml Extrait de Parfum R2000  \  15ml travel vial R700
2 x 15ml dual travel set R1200  \  2ml trial spray R95


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