While browsing the UK eco-friendly site One Eco Home, I happened upon this gorgeous chair and table, which is made from 60% recycled office furniture and 40% birch plywood.

Then I noticed that the chair and table were called Bourke’s Luck. Of course Mphumalanga has a very famous natural water feature by the same name, so I wondered about the local connection. I Googled the name of the designer, and… excuse my ignorance, but am I the only person who doesn’t know that Ryan Frank is a South African home grown?

Ryan Frank seems to like naming his designs after local phenomena. Above is the iShongololo chair – named after the centipede that curls up in a tight spiral, and below you see inKunku, employing the technique used to make the plastic bag chickens so ubiquitously sold on local roadsides.

Take a visit to Ryan Frank’s website to see more of his designs, and watch this space for more about this exciting designer.