Pack your bags and hit the wide open roads of Namibia. Image by Eamon and Kerry Roberts.

In exploring what South Africa has to offer in luxury travel, one can’t help but wonder when you fly over these lands for a living, and the sky really is the limit, what you would choose as your favourite spot? First Officer Moabi Ntlhaile from SA Express shares his tips with DECO.

Where is your favourite destination in South Africa to fly to?
Certainly Cape Town, even if it is just to see the sea! It’s always very refreshing visiting the Mother City, breathing the fresh unpolluted air and not to mention the views flying in – the mountain ranges, wine farms and valleys often capture my curiosity.

First Officer Moabi’s favourite local destination: Cape Town

What is your favourite activity to do while there?
Visits to Cape Town are always too short, but I try and do something I haven’t done before. Finding hidden treasure restaurants and activities and trying out all the delicious and different foods.

Why should we fly SA Express?
From locals on business to tourists on luxury travel trips, SA Express caters for everyone and always with the best service. The bottom line is that we can take you to the places that no one else can.

My dream home has wooden floors and verandas with a whole lot of natural light and ventilation.

We couldn’t avoid some DECO talk – what does your dream house look like?
I’m very much a country sorta farm boy, I’ve had to get used to the city life but I’ve always wanted to keep those farm roots, so I’m a big fan of the Queenslander type house – wooden floors and verandas with a whole lot of natural light and ventilation. I love these houses that leave a wonderful green foot print and a sense of freedom even in the city. In terms of dream decor – I’ll leave that to my dream wife!


What is the best thing about living in South Africa?
Best thing about living in SA is knowing that there is so much to get up to and so many places to travel to. With so many cultures to experience, it’s always an ongoing adventure and flying over most of it has really made me aware of that! The other thing is that it is right on the border of so many other beautiful places like Namibia and Mozambique!

Plane_CRJWith an airline like SA Express there is really no excuse not discover the many hidden gems and explore your home country and its surround.

SA Express is definitely fulfilling their vision of being a sustainable world-class regional airline with an extensive footprint in Africa.

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