For this week’s Saint Verde’s-eye View post, I thought we should we should go back to the roots of our Saint Verde stores. You know what they say: “never forget who brung ya”.

When Sharon and I started out, our concept for Saint Verde was around selling everything that was botanically inspired, the most important being our own garden and plant collections here in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands. All of our shops were a fresh take on the classic garden centres, which we felt were an insult to plants. In the early days, one of our best sellers was a series of prints from photographer Tom Baril‘s now out-of-print book Botanica , some of which I’ve shown here, just for a little trip down memory lane.

And now we have come full circle with Saint Verde, returning to the origins of our garden for the relaunch planned for late September this year. contactsheet-0013contactsheet-0024contactsheet-0033contactsheet-0043contactsheet-0052contactsheet-0063contactsheet-0073contactsheet-0083contactsheet-0093contactsheet-0103

Next week, I’ll be back to posting about interiors with a real cracker (I’m thinking of calling it “Ivan The Stylist”)…