Delighted to present our second “Saint Verde’s-eye view” post from Neville Trickett, featuring interiors he’s visited. Keep visiting, ‘cos he’s becoming a fixture around here…

Hayley and Andrew Roberts’ small apartment in the new Durban Point Waterfront is a place that’s full of surprises, not least of which is Andrew’s evolving body of paintings, drawings, and sculpture. He works in solitude from a small desk in their lounge. How he produces the volume of work from such a tiny space is testimony to his conceptual integrity. This man does not understand the word compromise. Hayley, the person responsible for designing the ladies’ shoes at Mr Price, has the eye of a true artist – this must have something to do with the fact that she received her training in Milan. Those Italians – they just get shoes right.

Every item in Hayley and Andrew’s home has deep meaning, demanding that its placement be given the consideration it deserves. Hope you enjoy this little tour as much as I enjoyed taking my happy snaps.


Photographs: Neville Trickett