This is the start of a great new adventure, my first weekly post for ELLE DECORATION SA. The funny thing is that, as much as I love interiors, my own blog, Saint Verde Digest, is not really about interiors, so what a thrill to be working with DECO. What I’m going to be sharing with you in the future are interiors that I find interesting and unique. Artists, designers, friends, car guards and an assortment of misfits who all have one thing in common: a unique perspective on personal space.

Kelli Crawford, a top fashion conceptualizer at Mr Price connected me with Michelle Hankinson’s cool Berea home in Durban that she runs as a bed & breakfast. Michelle (MichELLE, nice touch don’t you think ?) is an interior design lecturer at D.U.T. in Durban, and her work on sustainable design is breaking new ground.001curated002curated003curated004curated005curated006curated007curated008curated009curated010curated011curated012curated013curated014curated015curated016curated017curated1018curated1

Photographs: Neville Trickett