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Give your tastebuds an adventure!

We’ve paired and tasted wine with chocolate, cheese, olives and fruit, but never before with natures 5th element. The natural element part of the worlds history, interwoven into our daily lives and homes, is being introduced in a fascinating new twist with Fleur du Cap Wine and artisanal salts.

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How many salt variations have you tried? Image: suntmamica.ro

Alongside bitter, sweet and sour, salt is one of our basic tastes but you would never believe that there are over 180 different varieties. Just like wine, certain regions and climates produce an abundance of salts with specific qualities. From volcanic rock pools in Hawaii to the arid deserts of West Coast South Afirca, when sodium and chlorine unite you are in for a surprise of colours and flavours. Fleur du Cap takes you on a journey with rare Iranian blue rock salt, Murray River crystals from Australia and Kala Namak Indian mineral salts to tease you with a few, all while experience the joy of superior wine.

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Creating harmony with salted caramel.

Just like a pinch of salt can change an entire meal, so too can it have a significant impact and create a harmony with wine. When expertly paired, salt can improve the wine and lend a richer, smoother texture. Embracing this relationship Fleur du Cap is offering insightful tastings at Die Bergkelder in Stellenbosch, accompanied by their wine and salt recipe book, to satisfy every palate. With the help of salt aficionado, Chef Craig Cormack, Fleur du Cap has assembled a fine collection of local and international salts with recipes that meld seamlessly with their range of wines. Think salt crusted chicken, salted peanut chocolate and banana mousse and pastrami trout variations. This exciting journey has inspired eight artisanal salts that blend beautifully with Fleur du Cap’s naturally crafted wines.

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Sweet wines can be paired particularly well with salt, especially in desserts.
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Complimentary recipe book at each tasting.

The Fleur du Cap Wine and Salt tastings are available on Mondays to Fridays between 09h00 and 17h30 and Saturdays between 09h00 and15h30 and cost R75 per person. For bookings, contact Nadia Ferreira on Tel: 021 809 8025 or nferreira@distell.co.za. For more information visit www.fleurducap.co.za, join the Fleur du Cap community on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @FleurduCapWines.

Compiled by Megan Schumann